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Everybody loves lunch! That fabled time of day when you slip into an oasis of calm for an hour of feasting. It is the gastronomic dream that drags you through the 11am dip and makes you smile in wistful memory come 4pm. But how to solve the office dilemma of where to eat?

Enter LUNCHOMETER, an embeddable widget that will eradicate foody fascism, paving the way for a simple, fair and fun lunchtime meritocracy. Inspired by the good folk at Mobile Pie, LUNCHOMETER is as easy to use as the blunt end of a sandwich.

Share them with your friends, learn about your diverse, local gastro-regions, educate the ignorant and pay homage to LUNCH!

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THERE'S MORE! Thanks to the magic of the internetz you too can have a LUNCHOMETER on your blog, homepage or tattooed on your back (though we're not responsible for that). Choose a size below and paste the embed code anywhere you particularly enjoy pasting HTML. Easy.

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